France’s Prime Minister Held A Gay Party, There is One Big Problem, Check The DJ T-Shirt …


Homosexualism and pederasty at the Elysée: Macron promotes the decadence of our civilization.

This is the real “leprosy” of which he speaks and judges Trump for.

Dear friends, as soon as I saw the photograph portraying French President Emmanuel Macron, 41, and his wife Brigitte Trogneux, his former 65-year-old teacher, surrounded by homosexuals dressed in a room in the Elysée Palace, the Presidential Palace, I thought it was a fake.

But after viewing a dozen French news websites that tell of the «Music Festival» that took place yesterday evening at the Élysée, spreading the same photographs, I had to acknowledge that this is a tragic reality.

Let’s forget the so-called “electronic music” which for me is anything but music. But the musical tastes must be respected. What is absolutely unacceptable is that in the Palazzo, symbol of the State and of the institutions that substantiate French civilization, the President of the Republic promoted an exhibition of militants of the homosexualist ideology and of pederasty.

Do you know what pederasty means? sexual activity involving a man and a boy.

Kiddy Smile, a DJ, performed with a t-shirt with the words “Son of immigrants, black and pederast”.

This is sooooo … terrible!

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