Fox News’ Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade Shoot Down Trump’s Mass Voter Fraud Allegations, Say There’s ‘No Proof Of It’


Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy shot down President Donald Trump’s claims of mass voter fraud Monday after a phone call between the president and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger leaked.

The Washington Post published the phone call, which shows Trump asking Raffensperger “to find” the votes necessary for him to win a recount, on Sunday. Raffensperger is heard pushing back on some of Trump’s claims while the president continues to spread the conspiracy theory of mass voter fraud.

Amid a discussion on Georgia’s runoff elections, “Fox & Friends” dipped into voter fraud allegations when co-host Ainsley Earhardt repeated various claims, which have not been substantiated. Earhardt noted that “election integrity is extremely important” and “so many Republicans … feel like it was rigged.”

Kilmeade interjected and said that the push to not certify the Electoral College votes has “no shot of success.” Some Republicans in both the House and Senate have announced that they plan to object to the certification on Jan. 6.

“That’s the case that Donald Trump and his lawyers have put out,” Doocy added. “They said there’s all this evidence, but they haven’t really produced the evidence. I read the entire one hour and two minute call the president had with Brad Raffensperger yesterday, and at one point the president was talking about how thousands of dead people voted and the secretary of state down in Georgia said, ‘you know, Mr. President, we have looked into that. We could only find tw… (Read more)

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