FOX NEWS Ratings Plummet To Third Behind MSNBC And CNN After Jan 6th


Cable news network giant Fox News saw its ratings plummet to third place behind competitors CNN and MSNBC after the coverage of the rioting at the U. S. Capitol last week.

The stunning turn for Fox News comes after years of domination in total viewers and across most demographics.

In the latest ratings data reported by Nielsen on Tuesday, Fox News garnered 1.7 million daily viewers for the period between Jan. 4 and Jan. 10.

That fell short of CNN, which garnered 2.8 million daily viewers, and MSNBC, which garnered 2.3 million daily viewers.

Fox News finished 2020 as the top cable news network in the ratings, their fifth year in a row of winning that distinction.

The network also fell short in primetime viewers, with 3.2 million average viewers, compared to 4.2 million for CNN. MSNBC also saw 3.8 million viewers in primetime.

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