Fox News Exposes What’s Really Happening at the Southern Borden


Fox News reporter Bill Melugin visited the Texas border this week and discovered that Border Patrol officials are so overwhelmed that illegal aliens don’t even bother to flee when they see the agents.

This is a stark contrast to migrant reactions when former President Donald Trump was in office.

Melugin showed a long line of illegal aliens who crossed the border and then casually got in line to seek asylum in the United States.

This attitudinal shift underscores that migrants no longer view their illegal border crossings as an unlawful infringement on a sovereign nation. Rather, they feel entitled to receive free shelter, health care, food and child care — all courtesy of American taxpayers.

“What you don’t see here right now is Border Patrol, and that just shows how overstretched and overwhelmed Border Patrol is here in the Del Rio sector,” the reporter said. “This is not happening every day — it’s happening every hour.”

Melugin said the migrants will eventually be processed and released. Most will likely not return for their court dates and will fan out across the country.

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