Former Trump Campaign Staffer Says He Was Fired From New Job Because He Worked For Trump


A former 2020 Trump campaign staffer posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday he was fired from his new job because a client to the company found out he worked on President Trump’s reelection efforts.

Dawson Buchanan worked as a contract coordinator, which handles the conducting and coordinating of Trump’s rallies, and had established a rapport with Private Jet Services, a private jet company. He says he was hired in January and then fired after the National Hockey League found out about his past work experience.

According to Buchanan, the NHL threatened to cancel its contract with PJS unless they let him go.

“I was upset and disappointed, but I didn’t initially blame them for this decision. I wish they had stood up for me…they didn’t. I didn’t have any animosity towards PJS, until they tried to bully me into silence,” Buchanan said.

1) A couple of hours ago, I tweeted out that this tweet referred to me. Shortly after, I deleted that tweet. After much introspection, and talking with friends and family, I feel obligated to reveal why I deleted it. https://t.co/fQ4FRgY7qM— Dawson Buchanan (@dawsonbuchanan_) January 13, 2021

3) But after thinking about it, and discussing my rights of free speech with advisors, I will not be bullied into silence. I’m now going to raise my voice louder.— Dawson Buchanan (@dawsonbuchanan_) January 13, 2021

5) After receiving a laptop, establishing a work email, and even purc… (Read more)

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