Former Top Official Barred From Trump White House, and Look Who It Is


The Trump White House has some personnel issues, that much can’t be denied.

And the less-than-amicable way that many former employees have departed over the past year could spell trouble for the president in the long run.

At least, the mainstream media is going to do its best to make it seem that way.

Among those who could potentially most hurt the Trump White House is former communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

It was confirmed on Friday that Scaramucci is on a blacklist of former employees who are forbidden to enter the White House.

Via The Hill:

Bloomberg reports that when an aide tried to get Scaramucci into the White House early last month, a Secret Service agent wrote that he was “administratively excluded from entering the complex at this time (not allowed access).”

A White House official told Bloomberg that Scaramucci wasn’t specifically targeted and that anyone who fails a background check or is fired faces the same restrictions, with similar exclusion lists existing in past administrations.

At present, Scaramucci’s primary battle is with White House chief of staff John Kelly, who fired him last summer.

Even so, this kind of back-and-forth bickering is a distraction at best, and tarnishes Trump himself at worst.

It needs to stop.

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