Former Sen. Bob Dole Accuses Bipartisan Commission On Presidential Debates Of Bias Against Trump


Former Sen. Bob Dole (KS), who was the 1996 Republican presidential nominee, voiced his concern Friday that the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates might favor Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, saying that none of the GOP members support President Donald Trump.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds,” Dole tweeted. “I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine. I am concerned that none of them support @realDonaldTrump. A biased Debate Commission is unfair.

President Trump responded, “Thank you @SenatorDole. So true!”

The Hill noted, “Members of the commission’s board of directors include former GOP Sens. John Danforth (Mo.) and Olympia Snowe (Maine). All of the living former presidents serve as honorary co-chairs.”

Dole’s public statement came amid uproar over accusations that the moderator selected for second debate, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, reached out to notorious anti-Trumper Anthony Scaramucci via Twitter on Thursday, asking if he should “respond to Trump.”

Scully deleted the comment the next day, but was already facing heat and accusations of bias, over reports that he was an intern for Biden in 1978.

Several fellow journalists came to Scully’s defense, saying that he has been balanced in his reporting, while a co-chair on the … (Read more)

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