Former President Convicted of Rape Sentenced to Read the Bible


The Bible and biblical faith are a powerful antidote to the temptations that cause us to do many bad things.

Liberal, atheist society is opposed to this, but in some places the government still recognizes the power of the Word of God.

Former Israel President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape and sexual harassment in 2010. He was sentenced to seven years in jail after refusing a plea bargain and secular rehabilitation programs.

Divine Wake-Up Call

But Israel’s prison system encourages inmates to read the Bible. And Katsav eventually did so.

Now, he’s about to be released after serving just five years of his seven-year sentence. But there is one special condition to his release. Katsav has been ordered by Israel’s Parole Board to study the Bible every single day.

By his request, Katsav spent the past several months in the “religious” bloc of the prison.

Judges wanted to make sure the former president continued his new faith-based walk after being released.

Now that he’s free, Katsav is required to attend a daily morning Bible lesson, as well as weekly meetings of a religious treatment group.

Imagine how it would affect crime rates if America was able to sentence its criminals to a daily dose of God’s Word!

H/T Breaking Israel News

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