Former FBI Assistant Director: Clinton Foundation is a “Criminal Conspiracy” That’s Worse Than “Organized Crime” [Video]


James Kallstrom, Former FBI Assistant Director,  spoke about the Clinton Foundation.

There’s no question the Clinton Foundation… is a criminal conspiracy. I mean I investigated the RICO Statute for years, and the FBI. I mean this puts our investigations of organized crime to shame from the standpoint it operated. I mean, its just a giant slushfund.

You know, get a bunch of Gulfstream fives, fly around the world, and buy wedding gowns, pay for weddings. I mean the tiny little amount of money that goes to charity, and I even question if those are charities. It’s preposterous why the IRS has not come down upon them earlier is beyond me. But there’s no question that it is beyond a criminal conspiracy and all those other things… the uncovering of names, the Uranium One thing, and all this other stuff.


That’s not the first time Kallstrom spoke about Hillary on Fox News.

James Kallstrom was on Lou Dobbs trying to fill in the blanks on the FBI investigation into the newly discovered 650,000 emails in the Clinton FBI investigation. Kallstrom made a pretty dramatic statement towards the end of the video that tells us just how serious this breach of confidential government information is and how it used to be handled:

Lou Dobbs: So you would agree with those who say it would take something substantial for Comey to have gone this far. He’s not sitting here looking at a pig in a poke.

Former FBI Asst. Director James Kallstrom: No I don’t think so but I don’t really think he knows how big the pig is or how big the poke is. And when you look at it this way could there be anything more important than the stuff they didn’t look at the first time. You know, top secret, SAP, Special Access Program. We shot people at firing squad for disclosing this information in World War II.


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