Former DEMOCRAT President SHUTS DOWN Hollywood Liberals Protesting Trump at Emmys


Predictably, the snowflakes of Hollywood turned the 2017 Emmy Awards into a moan-fest about President Trump’s immigration policies.

They also spent plenty of time patting themselves on the back for being so “courageous” as to criticize a sitting president in a free and democratic country where that’s totally acceptable.

What these shameless self-promoters weren’t expecting was to be silenced by one of their own liberal heroes.

Even as Hollywood was crying foul over Trump’s decision to end DACA and put all those “Dreamers” on notice, former DEMOCRATIC US President Jimmy Carter was doing the unthinkable.

He was praising Trump’s policies.

Now, Carter’s pretty old, so maybe he’s just going senile. Then again, what he had to say during a speech to students in his home state of Georgia made a lot of sense, ESPECIALLY if you’re a liberal who wants to protect the Dreamers.

In response to a student’s question about Trump ending DACA, Carter felt the need to set the record straight:

“As a matter of fact, to give Trump some due, he hasn’t ended DACA yet. What he said is he’s given the Congress six months to address the issue, which is long overdue.”

Carter sought to explain by noting that the “pressures and the publicity that Trump has brought to the immigration issue” could eventually yield comprehensive immigration law changes that George W. Bush and Obama could not muster in their presidencies.

“I don’t see that as a hopeless cause,” Carter said, and he added that Trump’s critics, including himself, “have to give him credit when he does some things that are not as bad” as they are depicted.

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It’s questionable that his liberal audience were capable of absorbing the truth of Carter’s words. There no question that Hollywood will ignore them completely as they continue building a phony narrative about Trump.

Source: Daily Mail

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