Food Stamp Recipients in Uproar After One State Does This To Them…


Welfare recipients in one state are in an uproar because government officials are demanding some accountability from those seeking handouts paid for by local taxpayers.

Would you want your tax dollars being handed over to drug addicts who’ll only use the aid to maintain their miserable lifestyle?

Or, would you prefer the handouts be conditioned on those people quitting drugs so they can get their lives back on track?

That’s the primary motivating factor behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to have all food stamp recipients subjected to regular drug tests.

From Breitbart:

Walker, frustrated with the federal government’s inaction on the matter, decided to move ahead with the state’s plan anyway. The governor approved a rule change to allow the drug screenings to take place and sent it to the state legislature Monday.

Under the plan, if food stamp recipients test positive for drugs, they are eligible for state-funded rehabilitation treatment if they cannot afford treatment for drug abuse.

Walker has said the program would get people off drugs and back into the workforce drug-free.

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