Food Bank Learns the Hard Way What Happens When You Offer Muslims FREE Food


“The thing about Muslims that you should realize, is that they do not assimilate. Islamists don’t adapt to the existing culture of the host country, they simply try to force citizens of that country to conform to their beliefs or suffer the consequences.” (Diana Spirit).

Imam Hassan Mohamoud, a teacher of Islamic law at William Mitchell College of Law, spoke on behalf of a group of Muslims living in America, stating: “All these people are here just asking you to fulfill the promises that you made.” (Remember all Obama’s promises?)

He stood around other Muslims, some women seated with their hijabs on, and some men standing around him, while he spoke an unidentified individual regarding food being provided to Muslims through, apparently, charitable food banks.

“We are asking only to have proper food which is, number one, ethnic food, and number two, unexpired, healthy food,” Mohamoud said.


“Shariah law has no place in America,” (Doll Davis).

This is the same Imam that said it’s a hell living in America:


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H/T Lifezette

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