Fmr Florida Ag Pam Bondi Argues Judge On Flynn Case Needs To Be Removed Immediately



Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi joined “Fox and Friends Weekend” to discuss the Michael Flynn case.

Bondi believes judge Emmet Sullivan, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, needs to be removed immediately.


Per Twichy, as you know by now, the Department of Justice moved to drop the federal government’s case against Michael Flynn in light of new evidence, but the presiding judge in the case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, has resisted.

He opened the case to public comment and appointed a retired judge, John Gleeson, to look into the possibility of trying Flynn for contempt of court for perjury. Gleeson had said he’d have his amicus brief filed by June 10, but on Thursday, a three-judge appeals court panel gave Sullivan until June 1 to explain his reasoning for not dropping the case.

Now it looks like Sullivan is pushing back even harder, as he’s hired a prominent… (Read more)

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