Florida Man Brutally Attacked for “Trump” Bumper Sticker


When Obama was president, Republicans weren’t going around punching Democrats in the face, no matter how much we disagreed with 44.

The way Democrats and liberals are behaving after President Trump’s election is totally unprecedented, at least for grown-ass adults in a civilized society.

NY Post reports:

A Florida man claims he was the victim of a road rage incident this week — all because he wears his support for President Trump on his bumper.

Gregg Dunay – who has a Trump bumper sticker and a Trump/Pence flag hanging in his back car window – was left battered and bloodied after an angry motorist refused to let him merge into an adjacent lane…

“I asked [the other driver] if I had my blinker on, could I go in front of you,” Dunay said. “Then he rolled down his window, he started cursing at me and said I’m not letting anyone with a Trump sticker in front of me.”

When the driver cut Dunay off, he shouted to him, “’That’s the reason President Trump has taken control of this country!’”

And that’s when things got physical.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw something — real flash of light — and I turned and I had my sunglasses on and he punched me right in the eye. Knocked my glasses out, broke the glasses and I was in the middle lane so I couldn’t react,’ he said.

The driver then jumped back in his Volkswagen Passat and sped off.

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Is that what it’s really come to in America? We go around punching supporters of the opposing political party when our candidate doesn’t win?


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