Florida Grocery Store Just Got CRUSHING News After Surrendering to Liberal Crybaby David Hogg


A Florida-based grocery store got all politically-correct last week by surrendering to the temper-tantrum tactics of liberal activist David Hogg.

They’re now wishing they hadn’t.

The Publix grocery store chain is now facing the kind of backlash that could ruin their business, all because they let Hogg use them as a platform for his vile agenda.

On Friday, Hogg and several of his cronies laid on the floor in one of the Publix stores and demanded a boycott of the chain for previously donating money to a political candidate who supports the NRA and the Second Amendment.

Sadly, Publix caved, resulting in a LOT of local Floridians announcing they’d no longer shop at the chain.

H/T The Daily Wire

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