Florida Coach Who Shielded Kids Had a Troubling Secret to Hide


Well, troubling if you’re a liberal.

One of the biggest talking points regarding the Florida school shooting has been the heroic teachers who gave their lives protecting students.

Well, a major detail has surfaced about the biggest hero of them all, football coach Aaron Feis, that the mainstream media and liberals in general are NOT going to like.

It so happens that Feis was a pretty big Trump supporter.

From The Daily Caller:

A survey of Feis’s Facebook activity shows a man who regularly shared conservative memes and someone who “liked” many conservative news outlets and personalities, such as Donald Trump.

Among the late coach’s favorite pages on Facebook were those belonging to Ben Shapiro, Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

While liberals are being celebrated for pretending to be the opposite gender, turns out that more often than not the REAL heroes are all conservatives.

H/T The Daily Caller

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