First Female Muslim Legislator Votes To Make Life Insurance Companies Do The UNTHINKABLE for Terrorists [VIDEO]


Folks, I am not making this up.

The first female Muslim legislator in America says that President Trump is a “fascist” (See video below).


She believes and you and I voted for Trump cause we hate people. I think we voted for Trump cause we love people more than banks, government and interests.

She also voted to force Life insurance companies to pay benefits to terrorists who are killed in the act of committing terror in the United States is an “act of love?” in Democrat Rep. Omar’s eyes…

Folks, believe me… this is not a joke! (I know it sounds like that)

lhan Omar, the 34-year-old community organizer who came to America as a refugee from Somalia, was touted by Democrats as a model success story.

“From a refugee camp to the State Capitol with intelligence and insight,” beamed former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, who endorsed Omar. “This is a wonderful story to tell as Americans, and a great source of pride for the state of Minnesota’s open arms.”

But on Thursday Omar made her mark in another way.

She was one of only two members of the Minnesota State House to vote against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to deny payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans.

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Democratic Rep. Debra Hilstrom said the goal of the Minnesota bill “is to make certain that folks don’t benefit [from terrorism] and this limits the beneficiary to the premiums that were paid in. It limits the exposure for the insurance company when someone is committing an act of terrorism.” –WND

MN State Rep. Ilan Omar (D) says President Trump is a “fascist” and that after the elections (not counting her election of course, where MN residents voted to elect the first female Muslim legislator) she was left feeling “betrayed” by “our America.” She also states that she believes Americans voted for “despair, hate and divisiveness” when they voted for Donald Trump. 


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