Finally We Know What Really Happened at Tarmac Meeting, FBI Releases Stunning Annoucment


Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, filed by Judicial Watch, new documents pertaining to the suspicious June 2016 airport tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have been uncovered.

The 30 pages of documents were brought to light, despite claims from the FBI that no such records existed.

The controversial meeting between Clinton and Lynch, which occurred on June 27, 2016, drew notice and criticism as it took place while the Justice Department, which operated, at that time, under the leadership of Attorney Lynch, was conducting an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email account.

In August 2017 emails involving Justice Department officials came to light, which showed email exchanges between them and the FBI regarding the Clinton-Lynch meeting. Reports from the Daily Caller explain that in a July 1, 2016 email, “Justice Department official Caroline Pokomy told colleagues that ‘FBI is asking for guidance’ on the controversy.

Judicial Watch goes on to explain that, “It is unclear what documents about the tarmac meeting the FBI has in its possession, but Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calls the FBI’s new disclosure ‘stunning.’

Fitton has been reported to have then said that, “The FBI is out of control,” and, “It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit.

Let’s hope that all records involving that highly questionable Lynch-Clinton meeting have now come to light. Americans have a right to know about this meeting.

After all, those records really belong to all of us, and not some agency or politician who is trying keep them hidden in order to gain something for himself.

h/t Judicial Watch

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