Final Ratings are IN for Trump’s Congressional Address. It’s BAD NEWS for Democrats


President Trump’s first address before Congress has been the talk of the town in recent days.

But how did he do in the eyes of average Americans? Here’s the final media ratings for what many are calling Trump’s finest moment yet.

Variety reported that the Nielsen ratings put the number of people who watched Trump’s speech on all 11 major US networks at 47.74 million viewers.

That doesn’t include those who might have streamed the speech on the Internet or other non-cable services. But that hasn’t traditionally accounted for a large percentage of viewers.

What’s important is how Trump stacked up against former presidents in terms of cable network viewers.

By comparison, Obama’s first speech before Congress was watched by 52.37 million people.

George W. Bush’s first congressional address was watched by 39.79 million.

Surprisingly, Bill Clinton’s first appearance before Congress as president was watched by a whopping 66.9 million viewers.

While Trump only bested Bush, he was nipping at the heels of Obama, who had the fact that he was American’s first black president pushing his numbers.

More to the point, liberals and Democrats expected (and hoped) for Trump to completely bomb.

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But that just wasn’t the case. His speech was on point, even eliciting praise from the mainstream media. And a significant number of American households tuned in to hear what their president had to say.

Liberals may not like it, but Trump has turned out to be every bit the people’s president as his predecessors, and maybe then some.

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