Feinstein Makes a Huge Mistake. Gives Hints to the Public that the Investigation is a Massive Fraud


Senator Diane Feinstein, the woman who initiated the entire Kavanaugh accuser spectacle, suddenly wants to see any results from the FBI investigation into alleged sexual misconduct sealed from the public.

The question, of course, is why? Seems like she may be getting out in front of a report that doesn’t exactly reveal the type of information the Democrats had been hoping for.

“This needs to be a real investigation and we must get all the facts,” she asserted.

Apparently, those facts aren’t important enough to allow the public to draw their own conclusions. Which is odd, considering they’ve been trying and convicting this man in the public square this entire time, uninterested in facts and ‘real investigations.’

Is Feinstein concerned that the FBI report will show Kavanaugh is being truthful with his version of events while the accuser is not?

Feinstein’s waffling can only be explained by her political motivations. When she learned of Ford’s accusations through a letter, she kept quiet. When it was clear Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed to the highest court in the land, she leaked the information and forwarded the letter to the FBI.

As transparent as an open window. Does she really think the American people are this stupid?

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