Federal Judge Rules That Trump Broke the Law


We are beginning to truly see just how hard it is to implement conservative policies.

In fact, in many ways it seems as though it might already be too late to return conservative moral values to American society as a whole.

It’s not enough to elect a conservative president and Congress, as a federal judge in Washington state just demonstrated.

For the past year, the Trump Administration has been trying to close down a sex-ed program started by Obama.

The program aims to reduce teenage pregnancies primarily by making sure kids know where to get and how to use contraception.

Trump’s more of the belief that kids should instead be practicing abstinence, you know, like we used to teach them.

Via The Hill:

A fourth federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to prematurely end grants aimed at cutting teen pregnancy rates. 

Judge John Coughenour in Washington state ruled Tuesday afternoon that the administration unlawfully ended grants two years early for the King County Health Department in Seattle, which participated in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program. 

Federal judges have now ruled in four different cases involving nine TPP grantees that the administration’s actions were unlawful.

The HHS last year sent notices to grantees informing them that their grants would end two years earlier than originally planned, arguing that the program was ineffective. 

Trump appointees at HHS are pushing to give the TPP program a greater emphasis on abstinence education. 

Under former President Obama, the program mostly funded comprehensive, evidence-based sex education, which includes teachings about contraception and abstinence.

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