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Federal Judge Exposes Justice Ruth Ginsburg For Breaking The Law, Will She Be Impeached?


Judge Laurence Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal exposing how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is breaking the Supreme Court’s code of ethics.

Silberman and Ginsberg served together for eight years before Bill Clinton appointed her as a supreme court justice.

Silberman wrote how a Supreme Court Justice is not supposed to be as open politically as Ginsburg has been. He referenced when Ginsburg joked about leaving the country if Trump won and calling him a ‘faker’.

“Her comments were as openly political as any justice has been in my memory — perhaps ever,” Silberman explained. He went on to criticize Ginsburg for openly endorsing Merrick Garland.

“Now I will admit that Merrick Garland is a dear friend and I thought him the best Democrat nominee. But judges are ethically bound not to state a public position for or against a pending nominee to a federal court. At that point, it’s a political question,” explained Silberman.

“I knew Justice Ginsburg once as a disciplined, relatively restrained colleague on the District of Columbia Circuit, and therefore I regret very much her evolution,” said Silberman. Do you think that Ginburg should be punished for breaking the code of ethics?

Supreme Court Justice’s are supposed to be impartial, but Ginsberg clearly is not. Check out Silberman’s full article here.

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