Federal agency warns: “The Pandemic could last up to 2 years”


In Germany there are over 6,000 cases of coronavirus infection.

This was reported by the Robert Koch Institut, a federal government agency responsible for disease control and prevention.

But we know that there are certainly more cases,” said the president of the institute, Lothar Wieler, during a press conference.

“The tests should be done in a very strategic way,” Wieler added, explaining that the institute has updated its assessment of the risk of contagion in Germany from “medium” to “high”.

German containment policy will therefore be pursued. Meanwhile, according to German media, Volkswagen would be ready to stop production in many factories in Germany and Europe.

According to President Wieler, the coronavirus pandemic could last up to two years: “We know that pandemics go in waves, but we do not know the speed. Obviously much will depend on when a vaccine can be used. It could be next year” , has explained. In the “extreme case”, Wieler said, it can be thought that the restrictive measures passed by the government could go up to two years.

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