FED UP: “I Will Bring Islamic Fundamentalist To Its Knees!”


Europeans are finally getting fed-up with unchecked Muslim immigration destroying their continent.

But is their reaction too little, too late?

From Breitbart:

At a rural town hall meeting in La Bazoche-Gouet, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen criticised her globalist rival Emmanuel Macron for “insulting the people and France”. She promised her supporters they would “never get used to terrorism” saying she would bring “Islamist fundamentalism to its knees”.

“Patriotism is not a dead idea,” she added, “On the contrary, it is the crucible of our future, of our dreams.”

Despite being the target of regular mainstream media bias, Le Pen is shocking everyone by remaining near the top of the polls with less than a week to go before the French presidential election.

That has a lot to do with the fact that France has experienced an enormous wave of Muslim terrorism in recent years, fueled by liberal immigration policies.

It’s also little surprise that a great many of Le Pen’s supporters are also fans of President Trump.

In fact, Trump’s surprise victory last November is believed to be providing momentum to Le Pen’s campaign.

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