Fed-Up Governor Says ENOUGH! Ends Barbaric Muslim Practice in His State


Michigan is home to a massive Muslim population, which means it’s also a focal point of Sharia Law in America.

And that means a number of barbaric practices that though illegal in this country were allowed to continue with little or no interference from authorities.

Until now.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder this week signed a series of bills, two of which targeted the Muslim practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

The first bill makes it illegal for FGM to be practiced by anyone in Michigan.

The second revokes the medical license of any medical professional who performs FGM.

It also extends the statute of limitations on this crime, meaning that someone tortured in this way as a young child will still be able to sue the crap out of whoever did it to her after reaching adulthood.

Make no mistake – the Muslim community is going to RIOT over this.

But unless we start dismantling Sharia Law in America, one day soon we’ll wake up and no longer recognize our country.

H/T Mad World News

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