Fearing More Fan Backlash, NFL Execs Have Again Humiliated Colin Kaepernick


NFL fans, your efforts are bearing fruit.

The strong response from patriotic Americans to the NFL’s support for the disgustingly anti-American movement started by Colin Kaepernick now has top executives quaking in their shoes.

Already, a number of team owners are now demanding that players stand for the National Anthem.

Their kneeling antics had cost the league and its television partners untold millions in advertising and merchandise revenue as fans simply stopped watching and buying tickets.

And then there’s Kaepernick himself. Despite the fact he started in the Super Bowl, no team in its right mind would sign him today.

The Miami Dolphins drove that point home this week.

The Dolphins are looking for a new backup quarterback, and, on paper, Kaepernick might be one of the most qualified free agents available.

Nevertheless, the Dolphins just signed former Bears QB David Fales as their new backup.

The Smoke Room astutely opined:

People are going to flip, and it’s going to be so much fun to watch.

They’ll ignore the fact that Fales is familiar with the offense, that he cares such little about name recognition that nobody will care much and that he isn’t expected to even play. Most importantly, they’ll ignore the fact Miami has a strong Cuban population, and Kaepernick has praised deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Bringing him in would be a horrible business decision.

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