FBI Scrambling To Release 9/11 Documents After Biden Asked Not To Attend 20th Anniversary Events


The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said it could start releasing some of the previously-classified documents pertaining to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center just days after victims’ loved ones and survivors asked President Joe Biden not to attend the 20th anniversary memorial events.

Almost 1,800 victims’ family members and survivors released a statement on Friday that called on the President to skip the upcoming events in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and New York City unless he first released documents that he pledged to share during his campaign, NBC News reported.

The statement was signed by those directly affected by the terrorist attacks.

The group called on President Biden to release documents they believed would show the connection between Saudi Arabian leaders and the planned hijacking of commercial airliners, NBC News reported.

When President Biden was on the campaign trail, he pledged his administration would be more transparent and release the documents that loved ones and survivors had been demanding the U.S. government declassify for years.

But the statement from the group said that since he took office, President Biden’s administration has ignored their requests and letters on the subject, NBC News reported.

“Despite numerous requests by Democratic and Republican members of Congress and hundreds of 9/11 family members imploring previous and now the current administration to bring transparency to the matter, these efforts have been rebuffed and the issue has remained inexplicably ignored,” the statement read.


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