FBI Makes Major Announcement About Donald Trump – Supporters SHOCKED…


Over the past few weeks, the liberal media has been reporting on conspiracy theories that Donald Trump teamed up with Russia to win the election.

Now, however, this theory has been debunked, proving that Trump was in the right all along.

Conservative Tribune reported that the FBI found no evidence that Trump associates knew they were talking to Russian intelligence officers.

“They found no indication that there was any collusion,” NBC News reporter Pete Williams said of the FBI investigation.

“The number of these contacts was not a large number, they were not constant. They were not contacts, as far as the U.S. knows, with Russian intelligence people.”

“One official told me today, ‘You never know with the Russians,’ but there is no confirmed connection between these Trump associates and any Russian intelligence figures,” Williams added.


While the mainstream media was quick to report on claims that Trump teamed up with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton, they are staying relatively silent about the fact that he has since been cleared of this accusation.


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