FBI In Hot Water For Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice, and Contempt Of Court


The FBI may have violated as many as five criminal statutes.

The federal government acted like criminals during the last administration.

Obama and his flunkies abused their power. Nothing was off the table for these con artists. They even went as far as spying on American citizens in order to protect their agenda.

In many ways, they acted like Communist dictators. If you got in their way, they’d crush you. Even if that meant breaking numerous laws.

Now it looks like some of them will have to face the music. Top officials from that era might be charged for their criminal actions.

From Washington Examiner:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., informed the Justice Department on Thursday that the FBI may have violated criminal statutes when it sought Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to spy on ex-Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page…

In a letter sent to Sessions, Nunes wrote that the apparent use of the controversial “Trump dossier” to make the case for spying on Page suggests a “clear violation” of FBI protocols because it contained unverified information.

And such a breach of protocol may have violated five criminal statutes, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and contempt of court…

Nunes is demanding a response by March 8, in exactly one week. His letter, first obtained by Fox News, shows that FBI Director Christopher Wray and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz were carbon copied.

The country was stunned by the Nunes memo. He exposed what the DOJ—under Obama—did to thwart the Trump campaign. They used a bogus dossier to get fraudulent surveillance warrants. To boot, they didn’t even disclose to the judges that they were using this dossier.

The charges leveled at them by Nunes are not unfounded. They overstepped their power—limited by law and the Constitution—to go after the Trump campaign.

The dossier was their only “evidence” of collusion with Russia. The dossier did not contain any verifiable facts and has been largely discredited by even liberal journalists.

Yet the FBI and DOJ covered up that inconvenient fact, just to persecute a political rival.

Conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and contempt of court might only be the beginning. If the current DOJ actually investigates this, we might find much more.

But will Sessions do anything?

Will we have to live through the indignity of Mueller’s bogus investigation, while real criminals go free?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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