FBI Goes Rogue And Drops A Bomb, It’s Final


The FBI and the DOJ are out of control and will not take orders from anyone, including Congress!

Just recently, the FBI told Congress to pound sand when the House Intelligence Committee requested text messages between two FBI agents who were critical of President Trump.

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The FBI will not attempt to obtain messages exchanged on the personal devices of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI officials who came under fire after it was revealed they exchanged text messages critical of President Trump, despite requests to do so from a top Republican senator.

Charles Thorley, the acting assistant director of the FBI’s office of congressional affairs, wrote in a letter this week to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, that FBI employees are “required to adhere to record keeping policies in place where communications constitute records under the Federal Records Act.”

He added in the letter that “the FBI is not otherwise obligated to collect and/or retain all communications between its employees.”

“Thus, the FBI has not requested from Ms. Page or Mr. Strzok any information from their personal email accounts, nor as the FBI conducted searches of non-FBI-issued communications devices or non-FBI email accounts associated with Mr. Strzok or Ms. Page,” he said.

But Grassley argued that the FBI’s letter did not address many of the questions he had asked in a January letter about communications between Strzok and Page.

Both the FBI and DOJ are under a lot of heat from Congress.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said he will hold AG Sessions in contempt for not complying with the subpoena, requesting information on the FISA abuse that allowed the Obama Administration to spy on an American citizen to wiretap President Trump.

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes said Sunday he will be pushing to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt this week for not complying with a subpoena.

The California Republican said his committee sent a letter requesting classified information regarding its probe into FISA abuses and counterintelligence investigations, including the targeting of Americans like former Trump campaign official Carter Page, but it was ignored.

After attempting to subpoena the classified information last week, Mr. Nunes discovered the Justice Department will not comply.

“We have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt and that’s what i want to press for this week,” Mr. Nunes told Fox News on Sunday.

What are FBI and DOJ hiding? Could it be that they are somehow protecting Obama and his henchmen?

It is time for congress to clean up the DOJ and

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