FBI Agents Strzok, Page Guilty Of What They Investigated Trump For


The FBI agents investigating President Donald Trump for fear that he could be compromised by foreign agents were, themselves, guilty of the same thing.

The two agents famous for being the undercover lovers of the agency, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were able to be compromised, a top FBI official said, The Daily Mail reported.

A congressional aide asked Priestap during his testimony whether the pair could have become ‘vulnerable to an intelligence service.’

‘In my opinion, yes,’ he responded.

And ‘They knew darn well,’ he added, ‘that if that was going on, that potentially makes them vulnerable.’

The Fox News Channel reported Wednesday on Priestap’s view of the implications of the Strzok-Page liaison. House Judiciary Committee member Doug Collins, a Georgia Republican, released a transcript of his testimony on Tuesday.

The senior FBI official testified June 5, 2018 in a closed session held jointly between the House Judiciary and Oversight committees. Republicans controlled the House at the time.

Priestap insisted that he didn’t know for sure at the time that Strzok and Page were lovers, and that he didn’t aim to become the FBI’s ‘morality police.’

He also said he had ‘no information whatsoever that either of those individuals had any contact, let alone engagement, or regular engagement, with an adversary.’

The furtive text messages between Strzok and Page included criticism of Trump using words like ‘idiot,’ ‘loathsome,’ ‘menace’ and ‘disaster.’

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