FBI agent sent to investigate ISIS, what she does instead is TREASON


It is time for President Trump to clean house at the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

This just demonstrates how out-of-control the situation has become amongst those tasked with keeping America safe.

When FBI agents are literally sleeping with the enemy, something is very wrong.

From the New York Post:

An FBI translator who was assigned to investigate a bloodthirsty ISIS terrorist wound up falling head-over-heels in love with the man — and married him instead, a report says.

Daniela Greene, 38, was apparently so lovestruck by the German-born jihadist that she left her husband in the US to be with him in war-torn Syria, and then lied to the feds about her whereabouts, according to CNN.

Denis Cuspert — a wannabe rapper-turned-ISIS pitchman — reportedly became the apple of her eye sometime in 2014, despite having a notorious penchant for violence.

He has been spotted showing off the terror group’s savagery in countless execution videos, some of which show him holding severed heads, CNN reports.

Roughly three years after joining the FBI as a linguist, Greene was assigned to the Detroit bureau in January 2014 and asked to probe Cuspert.

By June, she was already smitten with the tatted-up terrorist and making plans to be with him in the Middle East. They reportedly tied the knot in Syria sometime that month.

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Greene eventually got cold feet, though, and decided to come back to the US in August 2014. She was immediately arrested upon her return.

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