Father of Slain Navy SEAL Reveals Why He Refused to Meet With Trump


President Trump dropped everything the moment he heard Navy SEAL Ryan Owens had been killed in an operation he authorized in Yemen.

Trump and daughter Ivanka wanted to be there when Owens’ body arrived home. But they were shunned by the SEAL’s father, himself a military veteran.

“I told them I don’t want to meet the President,” Bill Owens told the Miami Herald. “I told them I didn’t want to make a scene about it, but my conscience wouldn’t let me talk to him.”

While certainly not privy to the circumstances of the raid in which his son was killed, or the weeks of planning that must have gone into it, Owens said he disagreed with Trump approving the military action so soon after his inauguration.

And while Bill Owens might not have wanted to make a scene about it all, the Trump-hating mainstream media did. They mercilessly blamed Trump for Ryan Owens’ death.

But Master Sergeant Dale Comstock, a Delta Force Operator, said both Bill Owens and the mainstream media were totally wrong to lay Ryan’s death at Trump’s feet.

Owens was a member of “SEAL Team 6”. It’s Army counterpart is Delta Force. The two sister units are considered America’s premier counter-terrorism commando forces.

In other words, Comstock REALLY knows what he’s talking about.

And he said that “the media has no f****** clue what they’re talking about.”

Comstock continued:

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“People going after Trump for Yemen do not understand how raids work. It’s tragic that a SEAL lost their life, but when they signed up, they knew the risk. Every time I went out and fought for my country I knew the risk. I’ve seen a lot of bad sh*t happen.

“But the main person I held accountable for their death wasn’t the Commander-in-Chief I was serving at the time, it was the enemy I was sent to kill.”

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