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Father of 9/11 Firefighter Demands Apology From Ilhan Omar


Rep. Ilhan Omar has gone too far this time.

Americans are simply not going to put up with four years of the Muslim lawmaker’s antics.

Her flippant dismissal recently of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, referring to them as “some people did something,” crossed a serious line.

The father of one of the FDNY firefighters killed as he saved lives that fateful day in 2001 is now demanding that Omar apologize.

No doubt, a great many Americans feel the same way.

The New York Post reports:

Jim Riches made the statement at the annual GOP gala at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. He also blasted New York Democratic lawmakers who refused to condemn the freshman congresswoman’s statement.

“They can’t deal with reality — Schumer, Nadler, all the New York politicians were quiet. They didn’t say one thing,” he said.

“I did nothing wrong,” he added. “She owes us an apology and we are going to get it.”

Riches, who wrote a seething op-ed for The Post after Omar’s remarks, also said he supported President Trump’s Twitter video that interwove video of Omar’s remarks and footage that showed the terrorist attack.

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“He told it like it was that is what happened that day,” Riches said of Trump’s tweet. “Donald Trump is 100 percent right.”

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