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Far-Left Co-Host Of ‘The Young Turks’ Says California Is A ‘Wasteland’ Under Gov. Newsom, Joins Recall Effort


A far-left co-host of the progressive political YouTube channel “The Young Turks” railed against California Gov. Gavin Newsom and joined the effort to recall him.

Ana Kasparian is an outspoken progressive commentator but even she had to admit that California had become an “absolute wasteland” under Newsom’s leadership.

“I’m a native Angeleno, I was born and raised in California, I love my state, I love the people in this state,” Kasparian said.

“But it is an absolute wasteland right now,” she added. “Every freeway bridge is full of people living in tents. There’s excrement on our sidewalks. It’s unsafe. Crime has gone up. And when it comes to coronavirus, I mean, the fish rots from the head down.”

Kasparian was speaking with Elex Michaelson on his show, “The Issue Is,” in February when she made the comments. She went on to highlight Newsom’s hypocrisy when he was caught dining at an exclusive restaurant while telling Californians to lockdown.

“While Americans are encouraged to shelter in place, encouraged to practice social distancing, no eating indoors at restaurants, he was seen at The French Laundry meeting up with his l… (Read more)

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