Fanatic Tries to Shoot Up Church … Members Stops Him With This…


Liberals continually call for an imposition of more “gun-free zones” despite the facts that a) no such thing exists, and b) about the only places we see these mass shootings happening is in these very “zones.”

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Of the recent shootings that have captivated headlines, many have occurred in posted “gun-free zones”

BUT. There’s one would-be mass shooting and mass shooter you never hear mentioned. That’s because it never happened.

With over 10,000 congregants, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, the church is a “mega church.” Its main sanctuary seats over 5,000 and is packed for most services.

Matthew James Murray walked into New Life with enough armaments and ammunition to kill dozens, if not hundreds, if he were an accurate enough shot.

Murray shot and killed two in the parking lot then entered the building. That’s where his rampage ended.
Once in the building Murry ran across Jeanne Assam, a woman with a concealed weapons carry permit, trained in the handling and use of firearms — and she was packing heat. Ms. Assam assessed the situation, pulled out her pistol and dropped him.

END OF THE STORY! No Mass shooting here!

Imagine how many would be alive today if we had not more, but fewer, “gun-free zones.”

H/T: Allen West

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