FAKE NEWS WARNING: Is Russia Turning Snowden Over to Trump?


The mainstream media is at it again, publishing sensationalist stories that are unsubstantiated by any credible source.

The latest “news” being peddled by the likes of NBC is that Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to turn over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a sort of “peace offering” to President Trump.

If the whole thing sounds a little too fantastical, that’s probably because it is.

According to a well-considered article over at American Thinker:

“NBC is a paid-up member of the mainstream media which has repeatedly been caught dispensing fake-news stories along with much of the mainstream media. The idea that Putin wants to hand Snowden over as a sort of love-offering to Trump is hard to believe, given that Russia isn’t giving up Crimea and it grudgingly endures sanctions with few complaints.

“The story also has been picked up by the British tabloid press, some of which at times appears to be Russian propaganda conduits with unusually good Russian sourcing. Put the two together and it all suggests the story at best could be a weather balloon from the Kremlin, or more likely, the Russians contemptuously jacking with the mainstream media, which has been punked repeatedly in recent months for reporting false stories based on what they want to believe.”

You’d expect the “professionals” in the mainstream media to treat such stories with at least some skepticism before obtaining any real evidence.

But, the truth is that the mainstream media in the US is today nothing more than entertainment. They don’t care about the TRUTH.

H/T The Federalist Papers

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