Facts About Hate Crimes in America, Everything You’ve Heard is Wrong


If the Democrats and the media is to be believed hate crimes against people of color by white supremacists are skyrocketing and Latinos all across the country are living in fear of being hunted after the El Paso shooting.

The Democrats and the media would also have you believe that more gun control and handing power to Democrats will completely solve this problem.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because a few men committed murder in a country with almost four hundred million people does not mean everyone else should have their rights taken away or limited.

In fact violent crime, and hate crimes specifically, are declining in the USA as the Spectator reports:

If you look at the past 10 years, the total level of hate crime is declining in the US, as is the amount of racism and anti-immigration sentiment, and Trump’s victory has done nothing to reverse that.

Sociologists at the University of Pennsylvania published a study this year showing that Americans have become less inclined to express racist views since 2016, something true of Republican voters as well as Democrats, and a Gallup poll in June 2019 found 76 percent of Americans believe immigration is a good thing, the highest number to date.

The same trends are visible in the UK: the population has become less racist and more pro-immigration since the Brexit vote. The liberal narrative about the toxic effect of the rise of far-right populism turns out to be nonsense.

It’s incredibly hard to show that inflammatory rhetoric, whether on the right or the left, causes violent crime. All we know for sure is that violent crime across the world is declining, something painstakingly documented by Steven Pinker in The Better Angels of Our Nature.

For various reasons, most people have difficulty believing that and seize on incidents like those of last weekend as ‘proof’ that we’re living in an increasingly murderous age.

That’s particularly true of left-wing pundits and politicians, who really should know better, given their elite educations. Trump may be a coarse, mean-spirited figure, but he’s not responsible for these tragedies.

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Hate crimes in America have been declining for more than 10 years. Nothing has changed that.

Just because President Trump won and will likely win in 2020 does not mean all of the sudden the Nazis and skinheads are in charge, as the Democrats and the media claim.

President Trump is not responsible for inciting political violence in America.

If anything Democrats and the media give power to actual hate by calling the President and his supporters racists, bigots, haters, what have you, which the nutjobs then latch on to.

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Some crazed lunatic might claim the President is behind me, the news says so, when in fact nothing of the sort is true.

Democrats are very good at claiming other people are doing the very thing they themselves are engaged in. This is one of those times.

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