FACT CHECK: Did Trump Pose For Photo With Charlottesville Neo-Nazi?


Liberals and the mainstream media seem determined to link President Trump with the white supremacist rally that descended into deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So much so that they’re apparently prepared to publish demonstrably false “evidence.”

According to many in the mainstream media, the Charlottesville demonstration was effectively a pro-Trump event that had at least the tacit support of the president himself.

When a photo of Trump allegedly posing with one of the Charlottesville

neo-Nazi agitators found its way to Twitter, media liberals quickly shared it far and wide.

It was the evidence they’d been waiting for. Trump had been EXPOSED.

The tweet reads: “Here’s a photo of @Millenial_Matt with Trump and carrying a burning torch in Charlottesville. This isn’t complicated”

As the poster noted, this isn’t complicated. You have Trump posing for a photo with some guy, and then that guy turns up at a white supremacist rally. Trump is clearly a bigot.

By the way, Raf Sanchez is a mainstream media reporter with the Telegraph. So, when he posts something to his Twitter followers, that’s essentially a news report.

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Or, in this particular case, a fake news report.

Sanchez had to quickly remove the above post because it turned out the photo of Trump and “Millenial Matt” was photoshopped.

Here’s the actual photo:

Now, here’s the thing. Journalists like Sanchez like to see themselves as “gatekeepers.” Which is why they’ll eagerly fact-check reports with which they disagree in service to keeping the general public more accurately informed.

But they will rarely, if ever, fact-check their own sensationalist stories or Twitter posts BEFORE posting.

Sanchez could have easily spent just 30 minutes fact-checking that game-changing shot of Trump allegedly cozying up to neo-Nazis before sending it viral on Twitter.

But he didn’t, because when the “evidence” that he had been right all along fell into Sanchez’s lap, it was too good to NOT publish immediately.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why so much of the public no longer trusts the mainstream media to be gatekeepers of the truth.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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