EXPOSED: What Democrats Aren’t Telling You About the Sri Lanka Easter Bombings


Nearly 300 dead and hundreds more wounded.

Those kinds of numbers can’t be ignored, and they aren’t. But there’s a critical piece of the story that Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are doing their best to cover up.

The series of blasts that ripped through churches and other public venues in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday were carried out by Muslim terrorists against Christian targets.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton came the closest to acknowledging this reality when they called the victims “Easter worshippers.”

Everyone else used far more vague terminology to sidestep the identities of the victims, and most especially of the perpetrators.

As Robert Laurie of Western Journalism pointed out:

Conspicuously absent are the terms “Islam,” “Islamic extremism,” “terrorists,” “Catholics” and “Christians.” In the now infamous words of Ilhan Omar, “some people did something” in Sri Lanka.

Now, this widespread omission is very telling.

If you all will remember, a couple months ago when someone shot up a mosque in New Zealand, the Muslim identity of the victims was a BIG deal, prompting a fresh wave of sympathy for adherents of that particular religion.

More than that, the ethnicity, nationality and even rumored religious affiliations of the shooter were the subjects of numerous headlines, talk shows and debates. Everyone was angling hard to be able to say that a Christian fanatic had massacred Muslims at prayer.

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So, why ignore those aspects of what’s happening now in Sri Lanka? After all, the religious motivations for the attack are overt. No guessing necessary.

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