EXPOSED: London’s Muslim Mayor Has Ties to Jihadist Terror Groups


London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, is demanding that the UK cancel an upcoming visit by President Trump after his harsh reaction to the Islamic terror attack in the British capital.

Khan has successfully portrayed himself as a “moderate” Muslim in recent years. But his objection to Trump now makes a LOT more sense following revelations of his ties to jihadist terror groups.

Disobedient Media reports:

In 2016, then-Prime Minister David Cameron was widely criticized in the UK when he claimed that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had ties to the terror group ISIS. An investigation by Disobedient Media has determined that Khan has ties not just to organizations associated with ISIS, but also groups such as Hamas, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

During his time as mayor, London has seen an increase in terror incidents with concerning indications that terror groups wish to stage a major attack on the City of London.

Rather than focusing on combatting terror, Khan has used his forum to tell Londoners as well as citizens in other parts of Europe and the United States that the West must learn to live with terrorism as a part of daily life. Khan’s extreme flirtation with radical Islamic extremism raises serious questions about his commitment to fighting a wave of extremist fueled terrorism that only continues to spread after a number of attacks and police operations in London and other areas of the UK.

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