EXPLAINED: The Paris Climate Agreement SCAM and Why Trump Was RIGHT to Pull Out


Liberals everywhere (literally, all around the world) are losing their minds after President Trump announced his intention to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

But the reality is, and has always been, that this ridiculous agreement wasn’t going to change the climate one way or another.

If he’s anything, President Trump is an effective business leader. He knows how to manage a company, or, in this case, a nation.

And getting involved in superfluous deals just because it’s a liberal hobby horse isn’t the way to do that.

So, why is the Paris Climate Agreement little more than a scam? Check this out:

It’s because of eight years of Obama getting us involved in useless crap like this that America is NOT where it should be today.

We needed a real leader, one who isn’t afraid to pull out of stuff like this irregardless of the political blowback.

And that’s what we have in Trump.

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