Experts Warn ‘Black Death’ Coming to America. This Is What You Need To Know…


The most horrific plague in Western history is not merely something we learn about in history class.

It’s something we need to be prepared to survive today.

Bubonic plague and pneumonic plague, collectively known as the “Black Death,” still exist, and are still killing large numbers of people.

Most of the cases that are known about exist in Madagascar.

But experts recently found fleas in northern Arizona were carrying the plague, and warned that it could spread fast if not properly countered.

From the Daily Express:

More than 231 cases of the contagious disease have been recorded in Madagascar this year, and the number of deaths is higher than in previous years due to the country’s “deteriorating” medical services.

And experts in the United States have warned “continued underinvestment” in health services there could see the disease spread rapidly in to an epidemic. 

In August, a public health warning was issued in northern Arizona after fleas had tested positive for pneumonic plague. 

The bubonic strain of the disease is passed on by flea bites, whereas the more infectious pneumonic type is spread through coughing. 

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The long list of grim symptoms include gangrene, high fever and chills. The two types of plague contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages.

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