Ex-Muslims SLAM Pope Francis for Calling Islam a Religion of Peace


Pope Francis has once again put his foot in his mouth.

It’s no secret by now that Francis is a universalist who wants us to be accepting of all religions. He’s said as much with regards to Islam on several occasions, repeating the notion that it’s a “religion of peace.”

Now, a group of ex-Muslim converts to Catholicism are taking the pope to task.

In a lengthy letter sent to the Vatican, these ex-Muslims demanded to know why the head of the Catholic Church is so full of praise for Islam when they themselves had to risk torture and death in order to become Christians?

Portions of the letter read:

“Islam prescribes death for apostates (Quran 4.89, 8.7-11), do you know?”

“Where the Gospel proclaims the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the salvation of all, and the fulfillment of the Covenant initiated with the Hebrews. Allah has nothing to offer but war and murder of the ‘infidels’ in exchange for his paradise.

“In fact, as long as Islam wants us to be its enemy, we are, and all our protestations of friendship cannot change anything.”

They also called our Francis on his naive political correctness when it comes to the growth of Islam in Europe.

“This is a matter of life and death, and any complacency towards Islam is treasonous. We do not wish the West to continue with Islamization, nor that your actions contribute to it.

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“…we do not understand that you are pleading for Muslims to practise their religion in Europe. The meaning of Scripture should not be supplied by the proponents of globalism, but in fidelity to Tradition. The Good Shepherd hunts the wolf, He does not let it enter the sheepfold.

The signatories, whose names were concealed for their own safety, are calling for a synod on the dangers of Islam.

Source: Christian Today

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