Ex-DHS Chief Wolf: Biden Exec Orders Will Trigger Border ‘Crisis’


Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf warned Sunday that President Joe Biden’s executive orders undoing some border controls on the southern border will trigger “an immigration and border security crisis.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Wolf called the rollback “really concerning.”

“[The actions] Biden and the administration have taken is actually going to cause an immigration and border security crisis on the southwest border and that’s something we don’t need right now,” he said.

“It’s really what I’m watching through these executive actions and through legislation that he’s also pushing as well,” he continued. “A number of these things concern me. The department has done a good job over the last several months of keeping increased number of folks coming to the border illegally, under control, and we’ve done that through a variety of different authorities. We’ve seen a roll back of some of the authorities. It really is concerning.”

According to Wolf, the new administration is in effect saying it won’t dep… (Read more)

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