Everyone’s Bashing Trump, But Look What Obama Said About Libya When He Was President


The mainstream media had a field day with allegations that President Trump had called Haiti and most of the countries in Africa “s***holes” during an Oval Office meeting on immigration.

But you know what the media did when Barack Obama sat in that same Oval Office and called Libya a “s*** show”? That’s right – nothing.

Trump is being slammed as a “racist” for pointing out the dysfunctional management of some of the world’s poorest countries.

In 2016–which wasn’t all that long ago, unless you have the attention span and short-term memory of our media elites–Obama used very similar language to quite rightly describe the situation in Libya.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Obama used the exact same expletive as Trump (allegedly) to decry what was happening in the north African country.

And yet, Trump’s use of the term makes him a certifiable racist, while no one in their right mind thought that Obama’s remark meant he had developed a racial hatred for North Africans and Arabs.

Why the double standard?

Because that’s the way liberals operate.

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