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Everyone Warned to Watch Out for Deadly Bug in the US, Lethal Infection Spreads Around 28+ States


The disturbing news was just confirmed that a deadly bug species has been circulating its way through the United States. The insects, called triatomines but known as “kissing bugs,” have been seen in at least 28 states.

According to Fox News, the bugs carry a dangerous parasite leading to Chagas disease. The bugs are known to be bloodsuckers and they typically attack the face, hence their nickname.

Before now, the triatomines were only found in Central and South America, as well as Mexico. Over this summer, unfortunately, the deadly bugs have made their way to the United States as well. Now, 11 species of the kissing bugs have been spotted among 28 different states.

The bugs will typically bite someone’s face and then defecate near the wound. If the parasite is rubbed into the wound or into the body through someone touching their mouth or eyes after being bitten, a dangerous infection could result.

Around 50% of the bugs carry a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, known as the “silent killer.” The parasite leads to Chagas disease which can reportedly result in life-threatening illnesses including heart issues, heart disease, cardiac arrest, strokes, or arrhythmias.

Caryn Bern, a professor at the University of California said, “Early detection of Chagas disease is critical, allowing prompt initiation of therapy when the evidence for cure is strong.”

Fox reported that the disease can be detected through a blood test, but that early on detection of the infection is imperative in order to treat it properly.

The CDC said, “If untreated, infection is lifelong and can be life-threatening.”

Authorities warned U.S. residents to be on the lookout for these bugs and to take caution if you believe that one bites you, especially in the facial area.

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