Everyone Noticed Something Strange on Trump Cabinet Member’s Wrist


The Senate confirmation hearing for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy was much like the other cabinet hearings. Partisan as can be, with liberal Democrats howling about issues entirely unrelated to the job for which Perry has been chosen.

So it’s not surprising that most people just tuned out. But those who did watch noticed something peculiar on Perry’s wrist.

He was wearing a bracelet with an engraving. And it seemed to be very important to him.

So Independent Journal Review looked it up, and found something amazing.

The bracelet bears the name of Colton W. Rusk, a young Marine who was killed in combat in 2010 during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Rusk had enlisted straight out of high school just a year earlier.

Rusk’s family said they gave the bracelet to Perry six years ago. They were honored that he continues to wear it, and to such important events.

Perry has actually made a habit of wearing bracelets honoring fallen US soldiers.

And that says something very important about President Trump and his administration.

Unlike Obama, President Trump intends to show honor to our men and women in uniform, and his picks for important cabinet decisions reflect that.

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