Everyone Flips After Noticing Shocking Detail in Photo of Muslim and His Wife Praying in Mecca


Liberals just love to pander to Islam, even as they ignoring entirely the shameful way in which the “religion of peace” generally treats women.

No doubt, that’s why a Muslim man posted to Twitter in English a photo of a wife shielding her husband from the hot Saudi Arabian sun as he finished his prayers.

He knew Western liberals would go gaga over clever aerial shot.

The post read: “Today in Makkah a wife hides her husband from sun. One of the most beautiful images recently taken. Is it not the most beautiful!!”

The post quickly went viral, garnering over 18,000 Likes and 24,000 Retweets.

But then a conservative voice came along and ruined all the Muslim-Liberal camaraderie by pointing out that the wife likely wasn’t doing this out of a sense of genuine love and devotion.

To devout Muslims, it is a “beautiful” thing when a wife submits to her subhuman status and serves her husband like a slave. It is a “beautiful” thing to be able to subject your black-clad wife to scorching heat so that you can pray in the shade without having to listen to any complaints.

Beautiful, I tell you!

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