Every Patriotic Biker Heard The President’s Call & Stepped Up, Just Look Where They Headed Now


A group of bikers have made it known that they are in full support of President Trump and will be rallying to show America how it’s done.

President Trump will be having a large rally in Phoenix, Arizona. American patriots are extremely excited to hear him speak.

The Left will be conducting anti-Trump protests during the rally, working to destroy everything we are trying to do.

One group of patriots decided that they would be coming to the rally to ensure that things would run smoothly. Bikers for Trump are extremely supportive of our president and his agenda.

“Their sick plan is not going to work. We will make sure of that.”

The chapter stated, “Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe. They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people outside waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate. That is why we need to be there.” This was a warning call for all of the members to get their butts to Phoenix in support of our president and our country.

The Democratic Socialists of Phoenix, Arizona Resist, Desert Progressives, Students for a Democratic Society, Puente Arizona, and Cosplayers Against Hate have confirmed their presence at the rally. Their member will protest the President, and Bikers for Trump are here to keep people safe.

This is not the first time Bikers for Trump offered their support and protection. Remember how thousands of bikers headed to the capital to attend the President’s inauguration? They will be doing the exactly same thing in Phoenix.

We all appreciate the support Bikers for Trump gave us. America will never ever be harmed again, and protesters should remember that. Let’s hope that liberals won’t cause the death of another innocent American.


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This new information leaves us wondering if Liberals will follow through with their destructive plans or if they will take a step back and realize who they’re dealing with. You do NOT want to mess with Bikers for Trump. These guys are the definition of tough.

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